Thankyou Catholic Church

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I am not a Catholic. Never the less, I'm truly grateful for the Catholic Church's public stance on a variety of issues dealing with morality. In the past few weeks, the Roman Catholic Church has been a powerful champion of the constitutional rights of all Americans.

When our glorious leader decided to to set aside the 1st Amendment and force religious organizations to provide services (which violate their most sacred beliefs) to their employes; the Catholic Church said no and vowed not to conform to this illegal and unjust law. The leadership of the Church has made it clear by reading a letter in congregations throughout America.

Of course the Church of Secularism (which dominates all aspects of our government) did not take this lying down. They forbid Catholic chaplins from reading the letter to their congregations. You know, because it suggested that we should do something besides kneel at the feet of Dear Leader. Some of the chaplains disobeyed the order and read it anyway. God bless those brave men!

I'm profoundly grateful for any group who refuses to go along with the rising tide of immorality, which is pulling Judeo-Christain nations into a sea of everlasting destruction.

In the aftermath, CINO's such as Nancy Pelosi have sought to divide the Church in America. To my Catholic friends, I say, there are far more outside your faith who stand with you, than there are apostates within.



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