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In the last two globalization posts, we have looked at what globalization is doing in Mongolia and what it has done in Indonesia. We could just keep going nation by nation and have ten years worth of material to cover. However, globalization is more than the destruction of nations, it is the destruction of any distinct nonconforming culture. No one is safe, not even people living in the remote mountains of Mongolia. What makes us think that they will allow pockets of nonconformist culture to exist in America?

In recent years, this assault on distinct culture has spread to the Amish. In the State of New York, local building inspectors have come down on the Amish for violation of the building code, for refusing to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. They are being refused building permits that are needed to keep their communities alive.

In Minnesota, the feds have gone after the Amish. They actually had a two year sting operation designed to catch them in the most despicable crime. What is this terrible crime which required a two year sting operation? They were selling unpasteurized milk. Not in secret, or milk that was reported to be pasteurized but was not, they were selling it openly, as they always have. They came down on them for transporting the milk over state lines. Good job guys, you foiled the crime of the century!

It's more serious than a single milk bust. They are trying to make it impossible for the Amish to farm. If you take away their ability to live off the land, you take away their ability to be self sufficient. They will either have to embrace technology and join the collective, or live as wards of the state. If the latter happens they will suffer the same fate as many Native American tribes. Either way, they will lose all that makes them unique.

I would not be surprised, if in the coming years we see the media go after the Amish for the way they ostracize homosexuality. We will see Amish teens who have left the community and are shunned by their families for being gay on 60 Minutes. We will see them persecuted for raising children in substandard living conditions.

Can you think of a group of people who is more harmless than the Amish? They don't try to force us to churn butter, they just want to be left alone. When you are pursuing a globalist agenda, you must crush any group that refuses to be herded as cattle.

If you think for one minute, that you can just stay out of the way and globalist will leave you alone, you have another thing coming! They will not stop with the Mongolians or the Amish. They will come after your faith, they will come after your children! Remember, these people are followers of Marx's globalist dream. In that dream, there are no nations, religions, or families. To them, all of these things are primitive institutions that need to be overcome.



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