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Remember how the repeal of DADT was not going to be used as a springboard to gay marriage? That fantasy died this week when head of Navy chaplains granted permission for chaplains to perform same sex marriages in Navy chapels. Don't worry though it's only in states that recognize gay marriage and the chaplains can still refuse. If you think that won't change down the road, I have some ocean front property in Arizona you might be interested in.

Why do people think that homosexual groups are going to settle for compromise? You think they will stop with civil unions? You think they will stop with the limitations of the DADT repeal? You think that GOProud will not push the gay agenda in conservative circles? It will not stop! You can no more compromise on issues of universal morality than you can compromise to the Nazi Blitzkrieg.

If we do not stand against this, we will see in our lifetime:
  • Nationwide gay marriage
  • Children taken from their parents because the parents would not allow their children to get gender reassignment surgery
  • Transgender troops
  • Legislation fining religious institutions which teach homosexuality is a sin
  • Rampant nation wide homosexual curriculum in public schools
  • Private schools (including religious) which refuse to teach this curriculum lose accreditation

Many will say, I am paranoid. Look at Canada; look at what the homosexual movement has achieved there. They are not going to settle for a compromise in America. Look how far they have come in twenty years. THEY WILL NOT STOP! You need to wake up and stop trying to compromise with a movement that is designed to bring about our destruction.

This rejection of traditional values is a classic sign of empire decline and part of the Frankfort School agenda.

The Navy (due to Congressional pressure) has rescinded the policy until further study can be done.



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