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One of the precious gems I learned growing up in the indoctrination program we call the public school system, was the how Islam was victimized by Christianity during the Crusades. I was taught that the unprovoked Christians out of religious fervor and lust for land and worldly goods invaded the Holy Land slaughtering the innocent Muslims. This is at best, a distorted partial truth.

The Muslims had been in control of the Holy Land for centuries. It seems strange and improbable that a group as complex and often contradictory as the various kingdoms of Europe could so easily unite without some form of provocation. We are supposed to believe that they out of the blue agreed to unite and attack the peaceful Muslims. If we are to believe this, we are to believe in something that contradicts any known pattern of civilized history.

There were two main reasons for beginning the crusades one political the other religious/economic:

In reality The Muslim and Christian nations were already engaged in a large prolonged international conflict. The Muslim conquest had pushed into Spain and France. The Muslims, had isolated and were bringing pressure on the Eastern Christians (Byzantines). The Eastern Roman Emperor had pleaded with Pope Urban II for help repelling the advancing Muslim armies. However, large military action in the East was a hard sell with Muslim armies in Western Europe.

The Muslims provided the Pope with the cause he needed when they disallowed Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land. These pilgrimages, were more than a religious tradition; they were a major economic boom for the Church, merchants, and political leaders.

The Truth
The truth is, both sides committed wrongs in this war. Upon arriving in the Holy Land, many of the disorganized Crusaders (on their own accord) not only waged war against Muslim forces, but also slaughtered Eastern Christians and Jews. The Eastern Christians soon found that the Western Crusaders were more a threat than a cure, to their security issues. While these wrongs were real, such things were not uncommon in ancient warfare. Never the less, the modern PC propaganda machine has spun this into a one sided historical evil unlike any other in human history.

To make the claim that the Crusades were an unprovoked attack; is the equivalent to claiming the United States made war with and dropped atomic bombs on Japan for no apparent reason. Why the spin? Marxism hates Christianity; and in promoting the bias Muslim version of the Crusades, they are furthering the Cultural Marxist agenda of destroying Judeo-Christian tradition in the West.



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