The Solution to Illegals Not Assimilating

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Many Americans are concerned that we are being flooded millions of illegal aliens who do not speak the language. Aside from illegal immigration itself, the cause of this problem is the multicultural PC mindset. The solution is not to try and stop the river of insanity, but simply change it's course.

The problem is not the people who refuse to assimilate, as much as it is those who allow it. So, if PC is what is enabling millions to not assimilate, why not change the course of PC thought? Do I mean make all those who embrace this kind of thinking use common sense? No, these people are mentally deranged. The solution, is not to make them see reason (they are immune to reason); the solution, is to replace one delusion with another.

What is the problem? People who speak only Spanish. The solution, is the vilification of the Spanish language. You see, Spanish is a language structured around the concept of gender; everything is masculine or feminine. In Spanish, it's not a book, it's a feminine book. As we all know, the concept of gender is offensive in a PC world. Allowing millions of people to use such a language, is hurtful to those who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

We need to teach these unenlightened backward people, to use a less gender specific language, such as English. We should also remove Spanish as an option on phone directories and product labels. To do otherwise would be to perpetuate a hurtful backwards mentality.



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