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This morning I had an disturbing discussion with a man who claimed to be a conservative. He commented on an article about Donald Trump. He made the claim that Obama was backed by the Jews because of Soros. Here is our comment thread:

Trestin: Associating Soros as somehow being representative of the Jews, is as fair as saying BO represents Christians. Think about how ludicrous your anti-semitism actually sounds.

Wolfman Jones: I simply wrote a fact, one which you are obviously uncomfortable with.

Trestin: I've seen the same logic used before, in 1930's Germany.

Wolfman Jones: Facts are facts, and no ammount of innuendo will alter that.

Trestin: I know several Jewish people who were and are against the Emperor, they even donated money to fight him. Calling him a Jew backed candidate because of the backing of one man, is insulting.

Wolfman Jones: It is not one man, and you know it. Most of the people in the major media are Jews, from reporters all the way up to network presidents, newspaper owners and editors, to their corporate owners!

Trestin: So, you basically have the same beliefs (when it comes to Jews) as Helen Thomas. Where does this insane prejudice come from? Were you taught this at a young age or did you seek this scapegoat out in your own mind?

Wolfman Jones: Unfortunately, my beliefs have grown from sad experience with Jews, and reading about their leaders, like: terrorist David Ben Gurion (founder and first Prime Minister of Israel), criminal Jewish financier Bernard Madoff, and international troublemaker George Soros (atheist Jew).

Trestin: So, it's a scary Jewish conspiracy. I wonder why Obama is the most anti-Israeli President since Jimmy Carter? Do you think the Jews were behind 9-11?

Wolfman Jones: The Jews wanted a good puppet in Obama, but, obviously, got a dud!
I think both CIA and Mossad had a hand in 9/11, since they are controlled by the multinational corporations, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, and international banksters destroying America.

Trestin: I see. It's a neurological disorder you suffer from. Good luck with that, they are doing wonders with medication these days.

Wolfman Jones: Not a chance, I am perfectly sane; it is most ordinary people (the sheep) who have the problems!
I do not need to point out how crazy and ridiculous this person was. What I find disturbing, is that I was the only one challenging him. This site had a lot of traffic and many comments were being made. Sometimes we get so focused on how ridiculous the other side is, that we turn a blind eye to things that are wrong with us. We will never be able to bring the left around if we allow such gross error to exist among us. Conservatives need to be more vocal about stomping this kind of thing out.



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