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Growing up we always joked about being five years behind the rest of the world. I'm discovering this not only applies to fashion and music, it also applies to technology. I am amazed how many people do not even have internet. Many people live miles away from each other, and the only source available is dial-up. The last few days have been like going back ten years or so in time machine, you know, before the internet became half our lives. Here are some I've noticed

TV is lame
I have not watched much TV the last few years. The last few days I have used it as a time filler. My grandparents have a satellite system with a few hundred channels, and there is never anything good on. For some reason History Channel thinks that shows about present life in Alaska are somehow history? I'm really amazed that I spent so much time watching TV growing up. The commercials and lack of material make TV ridiculous. If it were not for sports and cable news, I think TV would be dead.

Americans are lazy
I was having dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my family, we decided to take some photos at the park across the street. All we had to do was cross the road, there was a cross walk right there. They all thought it would be a better idea to drive across the street. I'm not saying we should all become green freaks and walk everywhere, but that was ridiculous.

Glenn Beck
I did not realize how bad Glenn's time slot was. I had watched reruns of his show on You Tube. Someone as big as Glenn deserves a prime time slot. I'll take Glenn over Vanity and his Republican pep rally, any day.

Mexican food
I fell in love with Mexican food when I was a missionary in Texas. As you can imagine, Korea is not the best place to find authentic Mexican food. I've been to many Mexican places in Salt Lake and most of them are Americanized junk. The best one I have found in the state (so far) is good old El Mexican, not far from my house. Going there was one of the first things I did.

Not much has changed
People have become older and some stores have changed names, but this place is same. This is especially so outside of town. I spent a few hours up Monroe Canyon on Saturday. I think it looks like it did centuries ago when the Fremont Indians inhabited this area. As I looked at those high canyon walls, I was reminded that man really is nothing. Those canyon walls will be there years after we are all gone.



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