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Well, so much for Afghanistan. I have recently been informed that I will be sent to the horn of Africa instead. I am going to a combat zone, just not the one I expected. Honestly, this is really frustrating I've been trying to go to Afghanistan for two years, and twice had been selected only to see it change with no real explanation. They used to drag guys to Vietnam kicking and screaming. I want to go to Afghanistan but it's not happening.

I felt a lot more prepared for Afghanistan. I have known several guys that served there and they have said that the terrain was the same as home. Growing up hunting, I leaned many things about the mountains that most people will never know. But, I'll go where they think I'm needed and make the best of the situation.

Most people have no idea that we have combat operations going on in Africa. It's not classified, the media just chooses to ignore it for some reason. I'll be in Djibouti, it's buy Somalia, Ethiopia, and Yemen. I know, I know, wonderful neighbors! I will be on land, not on a ship. I've still never been on a U.S. ship!

Next week, I’ll have more posts, and I’ll be commenting on more blogs. Right now my internet situation is hit and miss.



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