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Why does Shepard Smith have a better time slot than Glenn Beck? Has Sheppard Smith had major victories over ACORN or Van Jones? Has Sheppard Smith been a serious thorn in our emperor’s side? What exactly has Sheppard Smith done that gives him a better time slot than Glenn Beck?

Yes, he has been at FOX longer. Yes, he has been in TV longer. Those arguments only work if the job performance is similar, but we all know that Glenn puts out ten times the show as old Shep. The ratings he receives in his abysmal time slot are amazing. Could you imagine what his ratings would be like if he had Shepard Smith’s or Greta Van Susteren’s time slot?

I’m really surprised that a smart business man like Rupert Murdoch has not made a change. We all know that high ratings attracts sponsors which equals more dollars. Lets face it, at the end of the day FOX News is a business and the bottom line is the bottom line. Glenn has been there almost two years and has proven himself to be a major force in the conservative media. In fact I think he has surpassed Hannity in many ways.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the appeal of Shepard Smith. I’ve watched his show on many occasions and can not remember him ever doing anything worth remembering. My advice to old shep: Do something! Being a pretty boy is not enough. Our country is at tipping point, now is not the time for lightweights in the conservative media.



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