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Here we are, another week closer to January 2013, the month America will begin to heal. A lot has gone on the past few days, some good some bad. We have more oil spill news, the Chinese are out of control, and Star Wars fans get a deadly toy. So, put on your hip wadders, and click READ MORE.

Worlds first working light saber created
Star Wars fans will soon have the weapon of their dreams. A Hong Kong company Wicked Lasers has created a blue beam light saber with the capability of setting skin on fire. All I can say is that the Trekkies better watch out, the Star Wars fans are playing for keeps. Price: $197.97

Coast Guard turns away barges
The U.S. Coast Guard turned away barges that vacuum oil. The barges were ordered by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to begin cleaning the spill. I think this despicable act speaks for it self. I just want to remind everyone that the Coast Guard is not part of the Navy. It is not even part of the Department of Defense. It fits under the umbrella of Homeland Security, so, this is Big Sis and her people.

Lakers defeat Celtics in game 7
Congratulations to the L.A. Lakers and their despicable coach Phil Jackson. It will go down as one of the great championship series in NBA history. I know it's just a game, but it makes me violently ill to see the Lakers celebrating.

FCC still pushing broadband regulation
The FCC is determined to regulate broadband internet. Forget the fact that the courts have said no, and that there is not a problem to fix. You know what... The government has enough real serious problems to worry about, the last thing we need to do, is waste time and money on a problem that anyone (who understands technology) knows will fix its self.

Chinese Security officials attack New Zealand Parliament member
Just in case you did not know; I think Communist China is evil. The idea that a Chinese security force could suppress freedom of speech outside a foreign parliament is shocking. The whole thing started because the he was waving a Tibetan flag. As China grows in power we will likely see more incidents like this. There government is evil, not incorrect or misguided, they are evil

Gardner executed
Normally I could care less when some sick freak is executed, but this is different. This was in Utah, and it was done by firing squad. We are the only state that still uses the firing squad for executions. So, if your some kind of maniac that is planning on murdering people, you better not do it in Utah. We do not play around!

I've noticed an increase in the number of comments I am receiving. Because of the time zone difference in Korea, I do not see most of them until morning. It makes every morning like Christmas morning. Thanks to all that have shared your thoughts, I do appreciate your comments.



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