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Trestin is most definitely busy running for office and probably much more, but I thought I'd just put up a few things that I thought were interesting in no particular order:

  • I recognize that Andrew Breitbart's name is misspelled on the manner. I before E except after C and in Andrew's name, also. I don't have the access to change that, but we will get it fixed eventually.
  • Sarah Palin endorses Orrin Hatch. I didn't see that coming. Just goes to show you where people really stand, doesn't it?
  • In order to pay proper homage to Breitbart, check out how the CIA has had a heart attack gun, as revealed in the Church Committee hearings. That, plus the fact that the coroner who worked Breitbart's autopsy was poisoned. Yeah, there's nothing suspicious about that. It's one thing to be paranoid and suspicious of all deaths (especially when they've got heart attack guns). But's it's another when you calculate the odds of this happening--like being killed in a stampede of zebras outside of Omaha.
  • Sheriff Joe, who has shown himself to be a true patriot isn't letting it go. He's investigating Obama's bogus birth certificate, which to this day no one has seen a copy that hasn't been photoshopped with the skills of a fifth grader. He's also on the case of Eric Holder acting as the go between the huge bank HSBC and the drug cartels. 
  • Battlestar Galactica in our time - robot drones with weapons right here in America. Pretext: drug violence. Kinda seems like a stupid pretext when our AG is running drugs, huh? I suspect they're getting ready for dollar collapse, and when We the People aren't violent enough, they'll send in provocateurs to stage it. They've been telling us for years that there's too many people anyway...
  • The Ron Paul supporters aka "really, really awake Americans" are taking the fight to the GOP ol' boy club state by state. The psyop/mind control has been something to behold in what I call the greatest political experiment in history. The amount of fraud has been incredible, but instructive.
  • Gary Johnson will definitely be a force in this election. As in the Jerome Corsi/Sheriff Joe link above goes into, the Elites have chosen Romney to fulfill the globalist agenda. Make no mistake about it: Romney will do as he's told - expanding the Patriot Act, shutting down family farms, enacting socialized medicine, ordering drones on your nonconformist behind. The more people who come to this conclusion, the more people, liberal and conservative will turn to Gary as an alternative. If you want your freedom, you're going to have to stand up for it and not be groupthinked into the lesser of two evils.
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