2012 Predictions

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As with last year, these predictions are my best guess at what the next year will bring. Some things I will get wrong; I don't claim to have all the information required to know for certain what tomorrow will bring.

1. We will elect a new President. My gut tells me this is wrong, it tells me something is going to happen, Amnesty, a major war, or election fraud. Never the less, I have to believe that we will have change in November. He is certainly not my first choice, but it will be Mitt Romney.

2. We will become involved in a new war. I'm not talking about a small operation, it will be as large as Iraq, or larger. I hope it's not Korea.

3. Nations will leave the EU, and the Euro will fall hard.

4. Food prices will rise even more than last year. As a result of this rise, we will see many governments in poor nations fall. It will spread past the Islamic world.

5. We will see the rise of an outright Marxist movement in poor nations.

6. DHS will increase its influence. Hidden in new legislation will be expanded unconstitutional authority. Expect to see their presence at most large public gatherings by the end of the year.

7. Agenda 21 will continue to advance and more aspects of rural life will become regulated. Hidden in new legislation requiring permits for 4x4 vehicles. Expect to see new rural building codes and environmental regulations, which in time will make building homes in rural areas much more expensive.

8. The economy will actually get worse. Unemployment numbers will rise as the year progresses. As a result of this rise, we will see new bailouts, of course, they will not be called bailouts.

9. The homosexual movement will refocus its attention on traditional religion. Expect to see discrimination lawsuits against smaller churches that refuse to allow homosexual clergy.

10. As the federal government continues its tyrannical oppression of the states, expect to see rhetoric of succession much more common among common people and state leaders.

As always, I am a ray of sunshine.



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