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I forgot how much time and effort go into simple things. Getting my place set up and working on my truck has been a full time job. I took some photos of my place and figured I would share with you my blogging cave.

The first thing you see when you walk in my house is the cougar I shot when I was 14. Why? Three reasons:
  • No home is complete without some form of taxidermy.
  • It makes a would be burglar think twice when he realizes he is attempting to rob the guy who killed that thing.
  • It's my little way of insuring that Peta people and vegans don't feel welcome in my home.
This is my coin military coin table. Funny story about this table. The other night I woke up and saw a little blue man standing in front of the table singing what sounded like the Star Spangled Banner in German. My sister thinks it was a dream.

This is one of my book shelves. The picture is a papyrus that an Egyptian colonel gave me in Africa. Why is colonel spelled that way?

This is my computer. I don't have TV, instead I have two 42 inch TV's that are hooked up to my computer. I wanted three, but the wall was too small. I just lay back on the couch and surf.



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