Fun With Maps

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I came across this map a few months ago, and it has been on my mind ever since. The map was created in 1942 and outlines what the world would be like after the war. Some of it never came to pass, but most of it has, or is happening.

1. In the map, Tibet is part of China. It happened and the U.N. has actually rewarded them despite this unprovoked annexation of a peaceful nation.
2. The map gives China control of Korea. For years they have dominated North Korea and now, they are beginning to exercise economic dominance over South Korea.
3. It's hard to argue that the communist ideology spread from China came to dominate most of South-East Asia. The map reflects Chinese influence over nations such as Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
4. An interesting feature is the U.S. control of Taiwan.

The Soviet Union

The map depicts a post WWII world, in which the Soviets would dominate Eastern Europe. FDR was good friends with the Soviets, and loved what they were about. Now, take this map and apply it to FDR's decision to ignore Churchill's proposal to focus the push through Italy, and listen to Stalin's proposal that the Western allies waste countless lives time and resources attacking German strongholds on the French coast. Many war planners feel this delayed progress on the Western front and allowed the soviets to capture Eastern Europe.

The map seems to have India all wrong. India did not include Afghanistan and Burma; also Pakistan and Bangladesh split off.

The Arab World
The map outlines the Arabian Federated Republics. This is basically the modern Arab League. Which has come to be economically and culturally dominated by the House of Saud.

An area called Hebrew Land is dominant on the map in the area of modern day Israel and Jordan. It is pretty obvious what this became.

The continent is dominated completely by something known as The Union of African Republics. We know it today as the increasingly influential African Union.

Western Europe
Two interesting features are the United States of Europe and the United States of Scandinavia. These two proposed powers, would become the modern day European Union.

North America

The Map has the United States having complete control of North America. While this has not occurred, the process of uniting North America under one government has began with the North American Union and the U.S. government turning a blind eye to illegal immigration.

The U.K
This did not happen as is outlined, the British never did come close to being the major player they once were.

South America
Union of South American Nations, seems to be the embryonic version of what the Map labels as the United States of South America.

Quarantine Zones

The map calls for Italy, Germany, and Japan to become quarantine zones. Germany would be controlled by the Soviets, and Italy by the United States of Europe. It's Interesting that Japan would be quarantined but not absorbed into any other power. I had a few paranoid thoughts of them planning on making Japan a nuclear wasteland, but it is more probable that the map simply reflected the feeling in the U.S. at the time toward Japan.

What does this mean to me?
As I pointed out, many things in the map occurred or are now occurring. It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that the direction we are moving is not coincidental. Never the less, it also shows that the planners do not have near the control many fear they have. This is what they expected the world to be like after the war. Most of the items outlined on the map took decades and some items failed miserably.

We are not doomed to be pawns of powers we cannot resist. These people are men and their plans are flawed. We can resist, we can stop the rising tide of globalization.



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