Why I Post Less

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I used to write a lot more material than I do now. There are a few reasons for this, but the real reason is a lack of faith.

Faith is simply more than a belief or a hope. Faith is confidence in someone or something. When I write something it is because I have faith in what I am producing. Honestly... I don't have much faith in this country or its people. I see the people we have as our leaders and what little value we place on integrity and truth. I see the people around me. I see them them more concerned about the electronic gadgets or reality TV show than the world around them. I see us embracing perversions that twenty years ago would have seemed unimaginable.

We are drowned in red tape and paperwork, because a man's word no longer means anything. We ridicule someone who dares tell the truth, because such an unpopular thing could never gain them power. We live for momentary pleasure with no thought for tomorrow, as can be seen in our debts.

No election can solve this. No politician can solve this. I could talk about things such as balancing the budget and dangers of government power, but why? It's like lecturing a heroin addict about eating healthy. Our problems run much deeper than anything that the world of politics can handle. What we are seeing in corruption and abuse of power by our government is simply reflective of how evil our society has become.

What would you say to Germans who knew the holocaust was happening, but did not think twice about funding it through taxes? How many abortions have been paid for with our tax dollars? We look in disgust at past societies who enslaved other human beings, but we do not blink an eye at Marxist institutions that enslave us all.

There are a few people who are awake, who can see what is happening, but our society is clueless. I have faith in a few things. I have faith in God. I have faith in family and friends. I have faith in the truth. I have faith in myself. America? I love what America is supposed to be, but I have no faith in what America actually is. Our day of grace has passed. Don't believe me? Look around.



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