At What Point?

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The past month has been a shocker even if you saw it coming. This month the document that should be known as the anti-constitution, but is known as the "Defense Authorization Act" pass through Senate with overwhelming support. I think it was the death nail of what was left of the Republic.

Highlights of the Bill
  • The removal of the ban on bestiality in the military
  • The homeland is declared a war zone
  • American citizens who are SUSPECTED of terrorism can now be indefinably detained by the military with no trial
The most disturbing thing, was how many supposed Tea Party conservatives voted for this. Even Allen West is supporting this abomination. This country is past saving, it has become as corrupt as a third world nation.

I feel for the sane people who live on the West Coast or the Northeast, but we are fast approaching the time when the areas of the country that are comprised mostly of sane people need to seriously consider cutting ties with the District of Columbia. America is not going to last much longer, we have passed the point of reform.

Of Course I don't want to see a civil war. What I would like to see is for the Western and Southern States to begin working together more and prepare for the inevitability of breaking away from this oppressive union. There are three things I want to see:
  • States need have an alternative currency ready to replace our falling dollar.
  • States need to refuse federal funding whenever possible. Scratch that. Reject all federal funding!
  • The formation of state militias controlled by the states, separate from the National Guard. You know, like our founders intended.
  • States to band together and issue proclamations against the unconstitutional actions of the District of Columbia.
My hope is that we can create the political framework that will make the breakup of America more like the breakup of the Soviet Union and less like the breakup of Yugoslavia.



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