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I was thinking about how much my political views have changed in the last five years. I think the Trestin from five years ago would take acceptation with the views I have today, especially in areas of foreign policy. More study and personal experience has opened my eyes on many things. So, in the the middle of several debates I give you a debate between the 2006 version of myself and the man typing today.

The war on drugs

2006 Trestin: You should know better than anyone the effect drugs can have on society and families. Legalizing drugs would drag even greater portions of our society into poverty and crime.

Trestin today: If you are to wage a successful war, the first thing you have to do is determine who is your enemy. The war on drugs does not define a clear enemy, this is why it is failing. I'm no fan of illegal drug use, but letting the government violate the 4th Amendment to fight a war that is not working is foolish. Another thing you should consider is the difference between legalization and decriminalization. I think the solution is to let the states decide how to deal with the drug problem.

2006 Trestin: We cannot afford a nuclear Iran. The guy in charge of that country is clearly out of control and needs to be stopped.

Trestin today: I'm not going to pretend that Iran is good and we should not be concerned, but there are factors you have not considered.
1. The President of Iran has no real power, he is simply a figurehead put in place by the Mullahs. Under their 30 year leadership, Iran has invaded only one nation, that was Saddam's Iraq, after Iraq tried to invade them. So the loose cannon argument is simply not true.
2. Iran already has a much more dangerous biological weapons program that they have not used.
3. The nuclear genie is out of the bottle, in the coming decades several undeveloped nations will gain nuclear capability. we do not have the money or tactical ability to preemptively stop everyone. A policy of mutual assured destruction is the most logical.

The War on Terror
2006 Trestin: We must go on the offensive and meet the enemy with overwhelming force. We should remove any government that supports terrorism.

Trestin today: Wars have costs. It's more than body counts, wars ruin lives and families. They create hatred that last generations, it is this hatred that drives terrorism. It also costs money, a country that has already buried itself in debt has no business being in wars they cannot afford. Another thing you do not realize yet, is how different reality is from what the media is reporting. We do need to counter terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, but a massive War on Terror is not only unwinnable, it is exactly what our enemies want.

Fox News
2006 Trestin: I think Fox News is great. It gives us a great alternative to the liberal media.

Trestin today: Fox News is not good. The liberal media is designed to keep fools in the dark. Fox News is about keeping reasonable thinking people from looking too deep. It promotes a type of progressive conservatism. They make a good conservative pose, but when someone comes along who talks actual conservatism and asks too many questions, Fox News will muzzle and ridicule them. Just wait and see what they do to Glen Beck. Another thing that has not happened in 2006, but will later, it the Saudis will buy into Fox News and use it to promote a message that benefits them.

2006 Trestin: Marxism is one of histories great evils. We are lucky it has been defeated in most of the world and never took root in America. The real danger of our time is Islamic fundamentalism.

Trestin today: Your head is going to explode in 2008! Your understanding of Marxism is flawed. It has taken root in America and has driven much of our social institutions. The fight with Marxism is far from over; the Soviets may be gone but the utopian dream of central government and wealth distribution is not dead. In fact, it is the greatest threat to the Western World, because it attacks us from within.



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