The Culture Of Corruption

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This election and my study of connections and history has lead me away from the belief that we can reform our republic through conventional means. However, it is the culture of corruption that has engulfed the District of Columbia [it is not right to associate that city with the name of a great man such as Washington] and both political parties, I find most troubling.

Yesterday while watching GBTV, this became all the more clear to my finite mind. If you have not seen the show, here is a clip:

That is right, not only have members of congress profited from insider trading, it is a major factor in the thousand plus page pieces of legislation that have been passing through our congress. Is it any wonder than so many people leave congress as millionaires?

How do do we fix this? We don't. This is the kind of corruption that makes third world counties poor. I should know I have lived and worked some of the poorest most corrupt countries on the planet. This is the kind of corruption that can not be removed without a revolution. Being as I have always been against violent revolution, I have no solution to offer.

What I do suggest, is that you instead focus on removing corruption from other places. It starts with yourself. Be honest with yourself and be honest in your dealings with others. Make sure you right with God! When you are right with God; humbly seek to help those around you do likewise. How to go about doing that will differ from person to person, but if you are right with God, you will know what you should do.

For me it is simple, I do not any wealth or influence to speak of when it comes to the government of my country or even my state, but I can make a difference on a local level. I have not payed that much attention to local matters because most of the last four years I've been in war zones overseas. In a week, I will be going home for good, on terminal leave from the Navy. In 2012 I plan on being knowledgeable and intimately involved in matters of local government. I plan on being a major thorn in the side of those who use tax dollars frivolously.

One more thing. Thank you for all those who kept coming here during my absence. I'm especially thankful for Republican Mother and Hyphenated-American holding down the fort with some excellent posts.



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