Questioning Ron Paul

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Before we get into this, I want to be clear that I still think Ron Paul is the best (the only one proposing real spending cuts) of the Candidates seeking the GOP nomination. That being said, I'm not sure I can support any of these people. Recent events have me reexamining Ron Paul. For a while, I've had lingering questions about the good doctor. It's not his foreign policy or anything like that, it's some other things that are being overlooked.

Question #1: Why is he alive?
If he is what he seems to be, and is truly confronting the powers that be, why have they not stopped him? McFadden was poisoned and Kennedy was shot by a man who was shot before he could say a word. this is what happened to the last two leaders who challenged the Fed. They don't even have to kill him, they could destroy his character. For a man challenging a multi-trillion dollar criminal syndicate, its odd that they have not at least tried to pay a woman to make false allegations. You don't even have to do that, with a few key strokes they could plant child porn on a computer he used, tip off the DHS, and he would be done. Maybe they do not see him as a real threat, or, maybe he is not who we think?

Question #2: Why does he never speak of the BIS?
Ron Paul is not a typical misinformed American. I find it hard to believe that he does not have a basic understanding of the BIS. Going after the Fed is great, but going after them and ignoring the entire BIS system makes no sense. The Fed is just the middle man in this immense central banking ponzi scheme. I have been to the Paul forums and have yet seen a satisfactory answer to this question.

Question #3: Why did he not vote on the Defense Authorization Act?
The most important civil liberties bill since the Patriot Act, and the champion of civil liberties can not find the time to vote on the issue? I know he is busy on the campaign and cannot vote on every bill, but this was no ordinary bill. He had time to leave Iowa fly to L.A. and insult two other candidates on the Tonight Show, but he does not have time to vote on a bill that destroys what was left of the 4th Amendment?

Is Ron Paul a decoy?



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