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When I was a child, I would often go camping and riding horses with my grandfather. We would always make sure to clean any trash or mess we would make. One time we set up camp in a place where others had left some trash behind. When it was time to pick up any mess we made, I was surprised to see him pick up the trash that was already there. I asked why he was cleaning that, it was not our trash. He then explained something that would have a lasting impact in my life. He explained that even though we did not make the mess we should clean it up so that the next people did not. We should always leave things the same or better than we found them.

Our world is littered with socialist garbage. Anyone who has done even a minimum amount of research knows that much of this mess goes back several generations. I'm not operating under the delusion that we are going to solve all the worlds problems and leave no troubles for future generations, but we can leave this place better than what we found.

I want to increase liberty and decrease tyranny to the fullest extent possible. I want a world where people are allowed to fail or succeed based on their own merits. When we remove the option of failure, we also severely limit our ability to succeed. I hear all the time that we can't do away with government programs like Social Security because it would leave people destitute. So? That may sound callous, but that is life. Some times bad things happen, but the idea that the government can somehow shield us from any hardship is bankrupting us and bring about an even greater moral bankruptcy. I want to see the end of all social programs such as:
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Welfare
  • Unemployment
  • Public Education
  • Education Grants

Will that have some negative consequences? Yes, but the reward far outweighs the risk. Can you imagine the good which could be accomplished in a world where people are given the freedom to fail or succeed, rather than be weighed down by a society that tries in vain to shield them from the consequences of their actions? Was that not what America's founding fathers fought for?

You can moan and cry all you want about poor and old people; it's an illogical emotional argument that will, and is, destroying us all. Some will say, I am extremely selfish to think this way. That may be true, but keep this in mind, I want to see these benefits not apply to me when I grow old, or if I become poor. Which is more selfish; someone who wants to see the tax burden lowed on all for the greater good, including himself, or, someone who promotes social programs they know are dragging us down, because they feel entitled to them? Before you say I don't know what it's like to be poor and I am thinking in an ivory tower, let me assure you, I have seen my share of poverty.

I will never take a handout from the government. I will never take a handout from the government. Never. When I call for an end to entitlements, I am willing to live with the consequences.



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