Why I Did Not Watch The Debate

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People often think I am an opinionated inflexible person, who will not listen to anyone; I'm not. I used to think that Shawn Hannity was right about almost everything. I used to think that America could solve the worlds problems with military force. I used to think the answer to America's drug problem was by the use of force. If I discover I am wrong about something, I will change. I will not just parrot something I know is a lie because it helps my side.

I understand that the public in general views the debates as a way of learning about the candidates. I used to think that too. It's not, it's just a glorified form of propaganda. With rare exception, politicians are pathological liars. A Presidential debate is lying/personalty contest.

If you really want to know where a candidate stands on the issues and what they will do when they are elected look their past record and who is funding them. It does not matter what they say. Obama, promised to cut the debt in half during his first term and end the wars. Bush, promised a non-interventionist foreign policy accompanied with small government.

The Republicans are about to nominate a new candidate to run against Obama in 2012. Are you going to buy the same magic beans? Or, are you going to choose someone with a proven track record, who is not backed by evil men. It's not 1996, things are bad. You need to step away from the Kool-Aid, the world can not afford business as usual. Our republic is dying! Turn off Fox News, and do your homework.



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