Monsanto The New Evil Empire

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Five years ago, I thought genetically modified crops were a good thing. After all, the people opposed to it, are leftist hippie idiots. This opposition was just more stupid hippie propaganda meant to destroy capitalism. Five years later, I realize, I was wrong.

The globalist have a long history of pitting the people to fight against each other. Look at how they have vilified the Tea Party among the left, because they fight for what most American's (including many on the left) say they want. They do the same thing to us who lean to the right. The logical opposition to Monsanto is a classic example of demonizing the left even when what they are doing is for the good of all.

Another thing that turns rational people off to the opposition to Monsanto, is many of the claims seem highly sensationalized. Some have claimed they are purposefully giving people cancer and reducing reproduction rates. I have no doubt that there are many powerful people who are capable of such terrible things. However, it is an extraordinary claim, and as such, it requires extraordinary proof. It may be true, but until I see more proof, it would be irresponsible of me to declare it as truth.

Monsanto is doing many evil things openly for all to see. They are seeking to have complete control over the worlds food supply and life itself. They are causing food shortages, and raising the cost of living in every nation on the planet. They are destroying small farmers.

Monsanto was originally a chemical company, which has branched out into various forms of agriculture. Some of their past products include Agent Orange and PVC. Now, they promote themselves as the answer to the worlds hunger problem.

They produce a variety of genetically modified seeds which are supposed to be disease and pest resistant, while producing higher yields. However, the seeds often fall short of regular seeds when not grown in ideal circumstances. Droughts and harsh weather take a heavy toll on Monsanto seeds. Those farmers who use Monsanto seeds, are forced to sign contracts which shield Monsanto from any future legal action.

I know what you are thinking, they should just use another company. The problem is, there is no other company, at least not an affordable one. Monsanto has actually patented the genes that appear in their seeds. When the plants from these seeds cross pollinate with other plants they pass those genes, thus making both the intellectual property of Monsanto. Small farmers around the world are forced to either just buy the Monsanto seeds and agree to their terms, or, face an expensive lawsuit that will ruin them. Because of the nature of cross pollination, seeds which do not contain Monsanto genes are becoming rare and expensive.

Total control

If you think what they are doing to seeds is bad, look what they are doing to livestock:

Like the Soviets Union and Mao's China, Monsanto is seeking to gain complete control of all agriculture. Under their new evil empire, peasant farmers are forced to pay a tribute or have their property and land confiscated. It's actually nothing more than global serfdom.

They are gaining control the worlds food supply from seed to folk. If you are worried about the implications of Obama Care, you should be terrified by Monsanto. Next to the BIS and its outlets, I consider Monsanto to be the most evil open nongovernmental organization on the planet.



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