The Top 40: Harry Reid Edition

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This week there were so many good blog posts, I decided to make the top 25 into a top 40 list. We pay special tribute to one of our finest statesmen, the always brilliant, Harry Reid. Will he ever capture Castle Grayskull?

Adrienne's Corner: Tax the evil rich...
All Seeing Eye: Riots
Always On Watch: Wall Street Train Wreck
America is Conservative: Dems: Where Are Your Ideas?
American Patriots-Defenders of Prosperity: A Look in to Our Past, So That We Can Retain Our Future
AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE: Santelli: Without Tea Party U.S. would be rated BBB
Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Obamacare Takes Standing 8-Count
Blog de KingShamus: Peter Beinart’s Morale Booster For Obama And The Left
Bread upon the Waters : Way Back Wednesday: Obama pledges to Cut Deficit in Half by Jan. 2013
Calling England: Sticks, Stones & The EDL

Some of Harry's best C-SPAN moments.

CONSERVATIVE HIDEOUT 2.0: London Burns: Causes and Implications
CONSERVATIVE PERSPECTIVE: Rich Man, Poor Man - Afterburner with Bill Whittle
Conservatives on Fire: Want To Stop The Blame Game? First We Must Stop The Stupid
Constitutionalists United for Liberty: Civil Disobedience
CrusaderRabbit: To serfdom- via regulations, not by laws and the gun.
Down under on the right side: leftards call for taxes to curb violence and rioting
GeeeeeZ!: "SHUT UP!"
HACK WILSON: Making the case for the Bible.

Remember his celebration after the passage of Obamacare? This is less annoying than the actual celebration.

INNOMINATUS: Jeeee-haaawwwd!
It's A Matter Of Opinion: Death penalty for rapists
Manhattan Infidel: The 12 Steps of Democratic Recovery
pedaling fast & trying to keep up: the debate, mitt romney, and mormons
RIGHTKLIK: Meredith Whitney, "Tea Party = Freaked out White Men Who are Unemployed" Rick Santelli, Tea Party Movement Founding Father, Responds
Right Truth: Losing the Habit of Work?
Self Evident Truths: I Admit It. The Bad Economy Is All My Fault. Now Can We Get Some Real Spending Cuts Please?
SENTRY JOURNAL: Friday Ramblings: Are politicians nothing more than crooks and liars?
Stand Your Ground: Green Redicals Advocate Assassinations And Destruction- For The Sake Of Discredited Theory
teresamerica: Abortion: Rick Santorum vs. Rick Perry -- 10th or 14th Amendment Issue?

His ongoing battle with the Tea Party, has become legendary.

The Country Thinker: Please, Mr. President, No More Stimuli! (Continued)
The Libertarian Buddhist Blog: Ron Paul is crazy
The Libertarian Patriot: Why We Are Losing The Battle
The Observatorium: Defining Abortion
The Reaganite Republican: Gipper vs Flipper: Mitt Romney and'The Most Dangerous Myth'
TrueblueNZ: Cowards, Appeasers, Traitors and Surrender Monkeys- I'm Talking About The "Right"
Virtual Mirage: Are American Riots Likely?
WOMAN HONOR THYSELF: Israel’s Accomplishments..Oh Yea~!
Woodsterman: Montana Bear Tragedy

This week's featured blog is Maggie's Notebook.



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