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From time to time I get things wrong. I'm usually right, but far from perfect. In an effort to be responsible and correct any incorrect information; I will write an "I WAS WRONG" post when I feel it is warranted. These posts will be rare, due to my being right almost all the time. My mom was right, when she said I am special. She always busted up laughing whenever she said that, I'm still not sure why.

The oil spill
Like many, I was sucked into the doom and gloom hype of the incident in the Gulf. It was bad, and we should use more common sense when drilling in the future, but it was not as bad as many made it to be. The agricultural industry of the Southeast was not destroyed. It did not start raining oil in mass. In fact, the amount of oil that was spilled was insignificant compared to the amount of water in the Gulf. No doubt, damage was done, but it was far from being the end of America.

Presidential poll numbers
I had stated in the comments on other blogs that the Presidential poll numbers would likely dip into the 30's by the end of June. WRONG! I said this, because I thought more would blame the administration for the spill. The numbers did go down, but never that far.

The Financial Reform bill
When the bill was in its initial stages I was more focused on immigration. I thought it was just another bill, and did not warrant large amounts of attention. As I learned more of the bill I began to understand how dangerous it was. Make no mistake; it is every bit as disastrous as the health care bill.



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