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I've decided to break down and offer my thoughts on the Cordoba Mosque project. I have held off on this because there are much bigger issues. As I type this, war with Israel and ran seems emanate. As I type this, our federal government is seeking to tighten its grip on the states. As I type this, China is behaving in an increasingly provocative manner. Finally, as I type this, our economy is tanking and our debt is soaring.

I oppose the mosque. Not so much because of its location, or because of a fear of Islam. The reason I think it should be fought is because of the ties the leaders of this project have to terrorist groups such as Hamas. Combine this with a lack of transparency about the funding of the project, and you have a legitimate case against the whole thing. For me, it’s not about Islam or 911. Those things are disturbing, but I require more than emotional arguments, that’s just how I think. This is about a project that is likely being funded by the same people that fund terrorism.

Why do you think Nancy and BO have spoken out about this? They want us to be distracted. They want us to not focus on the bigger issues. They don't want to wall to wall news coverage of our economic woes and growing debts before the November election. The people are on to Washington, and they know this.

If it's Islam your worried about, your time would be better spent encouraging the people of Iran to rise up against their government. If it's Ground Zero you are worried about, you should be pressuring our leaders to build something there. Why is there still a big hole nine years later?

Should we appose the mosque? Yes. Does it deserve this much attention? No.



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