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The polls continue to move in favor of conservatives as November draws near. With the economy tanking, our debt rising, and two long wars continuing, it's hard to imagine how any party in power could maintain control. Americans have had it with Washington, and it is showing. I would not be surprised to see the majority in the House and Senate change hands.

Most of us have had it with both Democrats and the Republicans. Both of them have become infested with corruption and Marxist ideology. Conservatives have had it with progressives that masquerade as old fashion Republicans. I have heard many say we need to reform the Republican Party. I'm not sure why? The Republican brand is beyond tainted. Gone are the days, of Reagan and Goldwater. Gone are the days, of the GOP wanting to shrink the size of government. Yes, there are still good people in the Republican Party, but the leadership of the GOP is a joke and the brand is toxic.

I have heard much talk about holding Republicans feet to the fire after November, sounds like a great idea. May I ask, how? Do you plan on voting them out, and putting the Democrats back in power? What if you do vote them out, will it really hurt them? No. They will still collect their congressional pension, and likely get a better paying job as a lobbyist. Will it hurt the GOP? They will lose power and have to wait until America is sick of the Dem's again and they will be back. Like a dog licks up its vomit we keep repeating the same cycle.

If they do not get their act together we need stop voting for anyone with a party affiliation. We only vote for independents. We do not need a third party to split the vote. We need a complete rejection of party politics. You say it could never happen? The Tea Party movement has already started people thinking this way. Individual candidates are collecting plenty of money, while the GOP is drying up.

If we continue to allow ourselves to be victims of party politics, there will be much blood in the streets, our society is not as stable as we would like to think. Our nation is in serious trouble, we need some drastic positive changes.

No solution is going to be perfect, but we need to start thinking about exactly how we are going to hold their feet to the fire. Do you have any better ideas? I would love to hear them.



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