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I'm not the first and I'm not the last, to make a list such as this. There are a few that would certainly also be considered bad presidents, but I only had room for ten. These ten men have done great damage to our republic, yet for some strange reason they are often viewed (especially by the progs) as heroes. Here is the list:

10 Andrew Jackson
This guy was a psychopath. His push for manifest destiny combined with his organized slaughter of Native Americans make him a no brainer to be on the list of worst president's we have ever had. The reason he is only ranked tenth is because of his efforts to keep the United States from becoming enslaved by a central banking system.

9 Jimmy Carter
I know, I know, you think he should be higher. The reason I place him at nine is because he was only four years, and much of the damage he did was undone by Reagan. Never the less, we are still feeling much of the consequences of his disastrous foreign policy, and some of his domestic disasters still inconvenience us to this day. If he would have had eight years he would be much higher on the list.

8 Herbert Hoover
The man took the success of Coolidge and turned the roaring 20's into the Great Depression. Way to go stupid! His progressive agenda was more than a disaster; it forever changed (for the worst) the nature of the American economic system.

With FDR I could have gone two other ways. I could have left him off this list because of the way he rallied the nation after Pearl Harbor, or I could have put him much higher for his disasters economics and his assault on the constitution. I chose the middle path.

His financial policies turned a bad depression into the prolonged Great Depression. He was very tyrannical in dealing with German and Japanese-Americans in WWII. He went so far as to have small business owners imprisoned for refusing to follow his illegal price control scheme. He also refused to follow the example of Washington and step down after his second term. One more thing, this maniac is the reason I have large portions of my paycheck stolen in the name of Social Security! Thanks a lot!

6 Harry Truman
The man after FDR took it to a new level. He was fiscally sound in many ways, but his foreign policy combined with the imbalance he created in the checks and balances system is the root of much of our current problems.

Truman stood by and did nothing while Mao took control of China. I'm sure the 70 million who were slaughted by Mao IN PEACE TIME would share many of my sentiments about good old Harry. If it were not for this great blunder Korea and Vietnam would have not been near as disastrous, and may have never occurred. Can you imagine what the world would be like if the Chinese people were free?

It was the unconstitutional actions of creating a police action that make him one of our worst. This single act transformed us from a checks and balances republic, into something resembling Imperial Rome. Congress lost its teeth under good old Harry. They have not declared war since Pearl Harbor. Yet we are constantly at war. How exactly, is that constitutional? Oh, and it was under him that we joined the U.N.

5 Richard Nixon
Nixon is not on this list because of Watergate or because he resigned. He made this list because of the many disastrous policies he enacted. He took us off the gold standard. This is why the $1000 you saved fifteen years ago are only worth $300 now. This policy, combined the globalization of the Bush and Clinton years, has and is, wiping out the middle class in America. One more thing, it was Nixon that created the EPA.

Where do we even start with this guy? He was one of the most viel racists to ever step foot in the oval office. He waged large scale war in Vietnam while simultaneously tying the hands of the commanders on the ground. His disastrous management is the main reason we lost in Vietnam.

More than anything, it was his social policies that made him a disaster. The Great Society destroyed many families, and created our current welfare mindset. It was Marxism in action aimed at making millions into slaves of the state.

3 James Buchanan
Yes, James Buchanan is third on the list. The Civil War and many of Lincoln’s problems were a result of Buchanan's incompetence. Yet, Lincoln never wasted time blaming Buchanan for everything! While tensions were rising between the northern and southern states Buchanan did nothing. Instead he focused his attention on putting down the Mormons and Indians. Nice job Jimmy!

2 Woodrow Wilson
This guy is not just a bad president, I would put him on a list of the ten worst leaders of the 20th Century, and there are a lot of evil men on that list. This guy had it all. Internment camps? Yes. Suppression of free speech? Oh yeah! Racist? Think LBJ multiplied by three.

By far, the most damaging thing he did was push for the creation of the Federal Reserve. This took the government out of the hands of the people and into the control of a few elitists. Yes, we still had elections, but no major candidate receives consideration, unless they played ball with this powerful Central Bank.
He also pushed for the 16th and 17th amendments.

1 ?
I think you know who the worst president is.

What do you think? Is there someone I left off? Is there someone that should not be on the list? Let the discussion begin.



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