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This question has been on my mind the past few weeks. It began when Steven Slater (the crazy fight attendant) freaked out. I was surprised at how many people viewed him as a hero. I saw nothing heroic about him or his behavior. In fact, it was very pathetic. He is just one of the many odd examples of people that are given the status of hero. Allow me to explain what I think makes a hero.

Growing up my heroes were athletes such as John Stockton and Joe Montana. As an adult I realize that they were great athletes, but not heroes. Being talented, famous, or rich does not make you a hero. Here are some examples of real heroes:

It is rare for a hero to receive recondition. Most heroes never make the news or history books; they are just ordinary people who do ordinary things. A hero, is mother who sacrifices her carrier to raise her children. A hero, is someone who has lost their job, but instead of going on unemployment, they work odd jobs, dip into savings, and cut back on expenses, until they find a good job. A hero, is a father who works day after day in a job he hates, to provide for his family. A hero, is someone who puts the needs of others above their own selfish desires. You are far more likely to find a hero living in your neighborhood than you are on TV.



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