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As an American, I tend to focus on American issues. I doubt I'll never be an expert on the inner-workings of Mongolian politics. Never the less, there are certain concepts and issues that are universal. The fight against Marxism is being waged in every nation. We can not settle for just an American victory, we must victory for all humanity. Our focus should be on our own nation, but we can not ignore the rest of the world.

I have come across a few conservative bloggers in other nations. I check in on their blogs often and added a few to my blog roll. You may have noticed, I have a lot of blogs on my blog roll. The international blogs tend to get lost with the many American blogs on the list. In an effort to fix this, I'm going to divide my blog roll into two separate lists; American bloggers, and world bloggers. I'm going to put seven blogs to start and will add more as time passes. If you know of any that would be good for the list, leave me a link in the comments.



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