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It's been a week for strange news stories. From the love of the Palestinian terrorists, to giant sinkholes this world never stops amazing us all. I'm just one man, I can't cover it everything. What I can do, is bring you the best of this weeks almost unnoticed stories.

Study shows Pacific islands are not sinking
Paul Kench from the University of Auckland in New Zealand has released a new study which shows that shore lines on Pacific islands are not diminishing in size. Ariel photos of the islands going back 60 years show no significant decrease in shorelines. In fact some islands have grown in size. This would seem to indicate that sea levels are not rising as much as previously believed. Now may be a good time to invest in beachfront property.

Mexico sets up ID satellite office in California
The government of Mexico is making it more convenient for illegal immigrants from Mexico to get legal ID while living in the California. What a great idea! I see no negative consequences at all. What is California thinking? Is their something in the water that gives their leaders brain damage?

The oil spill may last until Christmas
BP admitted that in a worst case scenario the gulf oil spill may last until Christmas. Considering everything so far has been much worse than the worst case scenarios, it looks like this thing is going to last a long time.

The FTC wants to save journalism
I have said for some time that the government will try to save the newspaper industry. In a potential policy recommendation memo the FTC is considering a plan to support the reinvention of journalism. What's their plan? More taxes on web based news outlets. Will that include blogs? The government has no business getting involved in this. If they want to tax something and save industries, they should put some tariffs on Chinese products.

Burma (Myanmar) is trying to go nuclear
This is very bad. The military controlled nation of Burma is the textbook example of a rogue government. For about 60 years that nation has been closed to the most of the outside world, and ravaged by civil war. It's becoming clear that the nuclear genie is out of the bottle. It may be impossible to keep all these rouge regimes from developing weapons of mass destruction.

The EPA begins to cap emissions
This is unconstitutional! They need congressional approval to do something like this! Regardless of how you feel about cutting emissions, this is dangerous. We are diverting power from congress to the executive branch. This is what happened in ancient Rome. This is why their Senate became a joke, and emperors like Caligula came to power.

The sinkhole
I had to say something about this. We have heard stories of large sink holes in the past, but the images of this one are incredible. Geologists are baffled by this monstrosity. Now everyone is left scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do with the thing. This may be the hole our tax dollars keep going into.

Some of you have noticed that past comments have vanished from my site. I was not hacked, nor did it happen on purpose. I messed up, and deleted them all. I have taken measures to make sure I can not do that again. I do appreciate your comments, and I am sorry they are gone.



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