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Of all the examples of why the 2nd amendment is essential for the preservation of liberty, none is more disturbing than what happened in Tienanmen Square. There thousands of innocent people were brutally murdered by their government in cold blood.

In May 0f 1989, it looked as if the Chinese people would soon be free. While the heart of the protest was in Beijing, protests were happening all over China. Even government officials became involved. It was like the Tea Party movement for the Chinese people. In Beijing the world watched, as students gathered in the shadow of Mao, demanding their basic human rights.

Then the tanks came. The military bulldozed its way into the city. Residence set up barricades in an attempt to stop the soldiers from reaching the square. Most of the people that died were not student protesters; they were ordinary people trying to stop a massacre. The people had no weapons, but they stood with courage against overwhelming odds.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the people were armed? What if, they had been able to defend themselves? China might be a free nation today. Instead only the troops had guns, and unknown amounts of people were murdered in cold blood. This was not a secret ambush; this was done openly for the entire world to see.

I was eleven years old at the time. That event impacted me greatly. It was at that moment, I understood the evil of Communism. I decided there and then, that I would always appose this evil.

Over twenty years have past. China has become an economic powerhouse. Most young Chinese people know little if anything about what happened in 89. The Chinese government has gone to great lengths to control what the people see and know. The Soviets hid much about their massacres for decades, but the truth eventually came out. One day, China will be free. One day, the truth will be known. Just as the Soviets and countless past tyrants came to an end, so will the Communist party in China. There are certain noble ideals in the heart of each human being, which no government can extinguish.



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