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As I watch the international outcry against Israel I am deeply saddened. We live in a world in which villains like Che Guevara are celebrated, while the good people of the world are portrayed as villains. This is seen clearly in the current crises in Israel.

Self defense is the most basic of human rights. It is a right that is extended to individuals, communities, and nations. What is it about Israel that makes them different? Is it because they are a thorn in the side of radical Islam? Is there uproar over Russia, India, or the Philippines taking drastic action against Islamic terrorists? Is it because they enjoy freedom in an area of the world ruled by tyrants? Turkey has a free society, and no one seems to care about them.

Is it because they are Jews? Do they see the nation of Israel as subhuman Jews that do not deserve basic human rights? We know that many in the Islamic worlds feel this way. Do people in other areas of the world feel the same? I'm not sure that is the reason for everyone, but I think it is more prevalent than we would like to believe.

Years ago I was taking a near eastern studies class through BYU. Even at a conservative school like BYU, there are liberal professors. I had to do a midterm on "The Blood of Abraham" written by Jimmy Carter. I knew Jimmy Carter was full of it, but I did not realize just how much until I read that book. In his warped mind everything in the Middle East was Israel’s fault. He was even upset about the Israeli's bombing Saddam's nuclear weapons program. In my midterm, I was quite critical of the book, and its absurd conclusions. I received a poor grade, but was glad I spoke my mind.

I think Netanyahu is a great leader, and the world's best hope in standing up to radical Islam. Only a brainwashed fool would see Israel as the bad guy in this situation. Who should we believe, the Israeli Navy with their evidence, or Bill Ayres? Do we believe the accusations of a known terrorist dirt bag, or the video tape? That's a tough one!



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