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Helen Thomas has outlived (if she ever had any) her usefulness. Besides being a cantankerous old Marxist; she is showing herself to be a bigot. Long has her mind operated outside of any known reality. Now as she grows old, the barriers that shielded the world from large portions of her hatefulness are eroding.

I'm not being angry toward a nice old lady. I'm coming down hard on a character from the Wizard of Oz. I would not be surprised to discover her dying of hydro-related melting. I try not to attack individuals. It's better to focus on ideas and deeds. However, Helen Thomas, deserves every word of this.

It's time for this anti American nut job to ride her broom off into the sunset, forever leaving us alone. She is the antithesis of aging in wisdom. She is to senior citizens what good old Nancy and Harry are to Catholics and Mormons, an embarrassment. I'll let the video speak for it's self:



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