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I have a belief, that America has a bright future. However, I'm not naive about the hard times that are coming. Personal responsibility is the very essence of conservative thought. A responsible person does not look to the government for things they can provide themselves. A responsible person does not blame others for their own failures. We need to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. Hard times can come in many forms: a sudden illness, job loss, or natural disaster can all create havoc for those not prepared. Are you ready for hard times?

One thing that every household should do is have food stored away. With food prices rising and the value of the dollar decreasing, food storage is an excellent investment. Ideally, we should strive to have a year of more worth of food stored in our homes. However, that may not be a realistic goal for everyone. Some people live in small apartments with limited storage space. I live in a small space with limited storage capacity, but I have about a months supply set aside.

A year supply can seem like an expensive and daunting task, but it does not have to be done over night. It can be accomplished one can of food at a time, gradually. A few dollars a pay check set aside for food storage can make a world of difference in a time of need.

Of course, we should use common sense and purchase food with a long self life. I would recommend foods that you know you and your family would enjoy. A thousand cans of creamed corn might get old fast. One advantage of choosing food you would normally eat; you can it eat as part of your regular meals, before it goes bad. Once you have a decent amount of food stored, it would be wise to rotate your food storage using older food replacing items as they are used. It would also be wise, to store other useful items such as tooth paste and soap.

Don't be at the mercy of bureaucracy when hard times come. If every American prepared for the worst there would be no crisis that we could not handle.

Tomorrow, I have an announcement to make. I need a day to speak with my family before I can talk about it publicly, but it is big.



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