Feeling Much Better

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I am in Utah and loving life. It is great to wake up and be able to do whatever you want with your day. There is something about these mountains that breaths life into my soul. The joy of doing normal things such as cooking, is something I sorely missed.

Anybody who has to this site the past few months has seen that I've been growing negative. Sitting around on hold doing nothing for six months has negative impact on someone who believes in earning a paycheck. I don't know how those who live off entitlement programs do it. There is something about being able to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day, knowing that you earned your keep.

Do I still think America is doomed? I think the American government is, and that our society will suffer greatly for selfish mindset that has infested this nation. That said, I still hold hope for individuals and communities to rise above this.

Today is the first day back blogging. Really back. The next post will be a podcast episode in which I'll make my 2012 predictions and review my 2011 predictions. I'm not going anywhere until Obama is out of work!



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