The Top Ten Evil Empires

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Our world has sad history full of oppression and evil. While it can be depressing to focus on the dark side of history, it can teach us valuable lessons. The following is my list of the top ten evil empires in human history:

10. The Spanish Empire
Theirs was one of the great genocides in all history. In a quest for power and wealth they laid waste and destroyed numerous cultures around the globe. The impact of their reign can still be seen today in the impoverished nations that were once their colonies.

9. Imperial Japan
In the West, we are aware of imperial Japan's expansion in the first half of the 20th Century. What we overlook is the years of brutal occupation Asian nations suffered at the hands of the Japanese. China suffered one of histories most brutal occupations and Korea suffered for decades under Japanese rule.

8. The Aztecs
While we often look at the Spanish Conquistadors as monsters, we forget that most of their success was due to native cooperation. Many tribes rightly viewed the Spanish as an improvement over the much more brutal powers of Mesoamerica. The Aztecs were the most brutal of the bunch. Their gigantic pyramids ran red with the blood of human sacrifice. They controlled their own population with bizarre ritual and mind-altering substances.

7. The Assyrians
They were as were hated in the ancient world as the Nazis are today. For centuries, they terrorized the Middle East region as none ever had. When the Old Testament prophet Jonah was called to preach repentance to their capital city of Nineveh, he boarded a ship for Spain in an effort to get as far away as he could. The Assyrians captured the ancient Kingdom of Israel, enslaving and dispersing the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. When the Assyrian empire did fall and Nineveh was destroyed, it was commonly said that no one shed a tear for Nineveh.

6. Rome
While the Roman world brought us a rich legacy of history and culture, it is hard to overlook the horrors they committed. For centuries, they maintained themselves as the power of the world with a combination of conquest and intimidation. It is hard to overlook the genocide in Carthage, the destruction of Judea, and the persecution of early Christians. While Rome did have many great and noble leaders, it also gave us tyrants such as Nero and Caligula.

5. The Mongol Empire
The largest continuous landmass empire in history did not come about without the ruin of millions of lives. While the Mongols are credited with opening up trade of East and West, they were guilty of great atrocities. In China, they created a genocide that would not be equaled in number until the 20th Century. In Persia, they not only destroyed cities, they salted the earth. We even have reports of them using the Bubonic Plague as weapon in Eastern Europe.

4. Nazi Germany
Some will be surprised to see them ranked this low on the list. While their crimes were great and their death toll staggering, numbers 1-3 were even greater. Still, the Nazis will go down as some of histories greatest villains. From their hostile relation with other nations, to the systematic extermination of millions of innocent people, they are a dark cloud on the history of humanity.

3. The Soviet Union
While the Death toll of Nazi Germany was staggering, it falls short of the tens of millions murdered under the reigns of Lenin, Stalin, and others. While the Nazi death camps were horrific, the forced starvation of Stalin in the Ukraine may have been worse. The systematic extermination of freedom, including religious expression, earned them the title 'The Evil Empire' from Ronald Reagan. You name it, they did it; nothing was taboo in this atheistic hell on earth. Stalin even tried to breed humans and apes.

2. Communist China
I love Chinese people and Chinese culture, but Communist China is guilty of evils unmatched by any nation. The death toll they have inflicted on their own people is so great that historians estimates vary by tens of millions. Mao, was the greatest mass murder in all of human history, no one comes close. We saw what Communist China is capable of doing to their own people when the whole world was watching in 1989. We hear reports of persecution and state sponsored genocide to this day.

I have regular visitors to this site from China. I am not sure if it is regular Chinese people or government onlookers. Regardless of who you are; I want you to know that one of my greatest desires is to live to see the day when the Chinese people are free from the rule of the Communist Party. I am not happy that my own nation and others, gives legitimacy to your government and grants it favored trade status.

1. The Globalist System
Without the financing of international bankers and multinational corporations numbers 2-4 would have never happened and Karl Marx would be an obscure footnote in history.

If you are a regular reader here, you know that that it was they who set up the socialist governments who committed the genocides of the past century. They have committed untold genocides. They create conditions for poverty, war, and famine in the third world. They promote a slaughter of innocent under the banner of population control in developed nations; which surpasses any other genocide.

Year after year, they drive nations further into debt. One by one, they attack and eliminate the exercise of our God given rights. They wage war on the institutions of religion and the family with a propaganda campaign meant to create the gross immorality, which will justify their further control structure. Of all the evils of history, none compares to the borderless globalist empire.

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