Monday Wrap: Crazy Hippie Edition

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This will be the first of what will be a weekly review of the best of the conservative blogosphere and the best of the comments from this site. Today we will also focus on the contributions of crazy hippies to our world.

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The best comments
Keynesianism comes to mind. They never called it that in school, and people who accept unthinkingly that we need more government stimulus don't call it that either. This is one of many highly successful progressive propaganda tropes. -Kurt Silverfiddle

How about how the banking system works. We are taught that when we deposit money in a bank, then bank keeps YOUR money safe, they may invest part your and make enough money to pay all their operating costs, pay you some interest and make a profit for them selves; but that is your money in the bank. The truth is once you deposit the money in the bank, it is theirs and they book it as an asset.You have in fact loaned the money to the bank and have received no collateral and not even an IOU. The only guarantee you have that you'll will ever see that money again comes from the government's FDIC. Obviously if banks didn't give depositors money when they asked for, they would soon be out of business. So it really is a system that operates on good faith. -Jim at Conservatives on Fire

Most of your history teachers are completely ignorant about history. They are just facilitators reading the script that comes with the Establishment published 'state-approved" history books. In the founding minutes of the Carnegie Endowment/Foundation, investigator Kathryn Casey found that they (central banking collectivists) planned to get control of American education, specifically history education. The Rockefeller Foundation and other bankster foundations were set up to lobby for teacher licensing. You now had to go to "teaching school", which was really a re-education camp in order to be allowed to have access to students. Used to be the individual school principals or school boards would hire teacher's on a case-by-case basis. Now you had to go through a central authority.

These foundations also gave away grants to those studying history on the collegiate level, but only if you were the sort who had socialist or collectivist leanings. These graduates went on to be professors, creating a self-propitiating system of socialist education.

Hope I'm not hogging this thread, I've just learned so much these past few months, I think I'll burst!

Check out Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and The Underground History of Education for the inside baseball. -Republican Mother

Welcome, Leonard. The Canadians, Brits and Australians are about the only papers carrying the truth about Obama and this government......I hope you carry on that tradition. Who would have ever thought we'd have an American media working so hard covering up the negatives about an administration...or that 'fact check' SNOPES would actually write "MAYBE" when asked if Obama told the truth that the US has 57 States.." because he was TIRED"!! Fight on! -Z at geeeZ

Wow, this blog is becoming the antithesis of the United Nations. :-)

Welcome aboard, Leonard. -Karen Howes

This week's featured blog:
The Country Thinker



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