Utah's Good, Bad & Ugly

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I fear our federal government is a lost cause, and the only hope to restore the republic will be through the states. My own state has been in the middle of much of what has happened in the past year, some of it good, some of it not.

The good
We have two recently elected members of Congress, Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz, who are doing an excellent job. They have been leaders in the Tea Party opposition, who have actually done what they said they were going to do. Keep your eye on Chaffetz, he will be a major force for good in the future.

Also good, has been the state legislature. Have they done things I don't like? Yes, but with legislation such as the Sound Money Act, they are one of the better legislatures in the country.

The bad
Orrin Hatch needs to go. He has done some good over the years, but he is an old dinosaur who needs to fade away. The guy was first elected over thirty years ago with the promise that he would impose on himself term limits.

Also bad, the Salt Lake Tribune. Utah's leading communist anti-Mormon newspaper continues to spin and deceive. I like to go over to their website and leave common sense in the comments below certain articles. Some times, it's fun to mess with a hornets nest.

The Ugly
Gary Herbert and John Huntsman have betrayed our state, our country, and the whole Western World, by agreeing to allow Chinese colonization of our land in the name of free trade. Our supposedly conservative Governor, exceeded any evil produced by Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. The sad part is, few Utahans have any idea what was done a few weeks ago. The Governor's push for Agenda 21 to be implemented in our state, puts him on par with the likes of Benedict Arnold and Vidkun Quisling. He betrayed us to the most villainous of enemies.

If you have read here even a short time, you know I am an outspoken anti-Marxist. It began when I was a child and watched the tanks role into Beijing. Growing up as a child in the 80's, I was taught that communism was bad; but I did not understand until I saw the Chinese army slaughtering their own people. I will not be silent while Communist China plants it's flag in my land. I will do all I can to see Herbert out in the next election. I will even vote for a liberal Democrat, if that is what is needed to get him out of office.

That is my rant, about my state. Who and what are the good, bad, and ugly in your state or country?



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