The Top 25: Bull Elk Edition

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Each week, I read a lot of blogs. In an effort to highlight the best, each week, I will post a list of the 25 best posts I came across. Each week will also have some kind of theme, this week is Bull Elk.

Adrienne's Corner: Commercial drivers license to drive a tractor??...
All Seeing Eye: Study: Sharp Things Are Sharp
AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE: Anti Gay History in CA schools Petition drive has started
Blog de KingShamus: How Does Obama’s Black Middle Class-Destroying Economy Taste?
Calling England: A Stranger In A Strange Land
CATHOLIBERTARIAN: How The Pill Kills Marriage
Conservative Hideout 2.0: Latest EPA Rules to Cost 1.4 Million Jobs and a 12% Increase in Utility Bills
Conservatives on Fire: America Was Never Intended To Be A Democracy

Let's face it, no home is complete without some kind of taxidermy. A big bull elk is a great way to go. Also, elk not only look good on a wall, they taste great. Unlike deer, elk meat does not have a gamey flavor. You haven't lived until you have had Hamburger Helper Taco Bake, with elk burger

CONSERVATIVE PERSPECTIVE: Government Overregulation Threatens Economic Growth
EASTERN RIGHT: Don't celebrate socialists, Argentina...
It's A Matter Of Opinion: A taste of things to come…
Maggie's Notebook: California Elementary Children: Sexual Orientation and Preference Coming to Schools
Right Truth: NHS delays operations 'as it waits for patients to die or go private'
Stand Your Ground: 4000 Families Threaten To Leave Government-Run Schools
teresamerica: Report Shows that ATF 'Stonewalled' Agents on Gun "Walking" Scandal Probe

My home town is known for the Monroe Mountain trophy bull hunt, one of the best in the country.

The Conservative Lady: Operation Fast & Furious: Straw Buyers & Big Liars
The Country Thinker: Minnesota, Beer, Bar Exams, and America’s Over-​​Licensing Crisis
The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite's Sunday Funnies
The republican Mother: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: Chapter 4
the scottcarp dream: Crony Capitalism Runs Amok
THE WISDOM OF SOLOMAN: Out Of Control Government
Virtual Mirage: Enabling Evil
WESTERN HERO: Child Poverty and Single Parenthood
Woodsterman: A Sign of the Times...

This week's featured blog is INNOMINATUS.



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