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On Tuesday, we looked at how Marx's lack of economic experience made his ideas flawed on even a basic level. He, was the very essence of an educated idiot; and without the later works of De Leon and Lenin, would have been just another Nineteenth Century intellectual radical. These men provided the rhetorical foundation for Twentieth Century socialism. However, it was a collection of powerful people with entirely different motives, who made it happen.

We must give up the fairy tale taught to us as history, that Lenin just came home to Russia and with no money convinced the people to (at great risk to their own life) rise up against the Tsar. Lenin's Bolsheviks were funded by a combination of Wall Street, European Banks, and Western governments. Powerful elite, united in their financial support of the Reds.

Why would they support an ideology which was intended to bury them? They used the socialists as pawns to neutralize and eliminate competition from the growing middle class.

With few exceptions, for thousands of years mankind, had been ruled by a select group of powerful elites. Then things started to change, there was an enlightenment, this change grew and exploded in the American Revolution. After the Revolution, everything changed. Soon, the Industrial Revolution gave economic might and political power to the average person.

Many of the elite saw this as a threat and sought to do all they could to nullify this trend. Soon, we see Lenin leading the Western funded socialist revolution. They knew Marx's ideas of redistributing the wealth for purposes of equality were fantasy. Instead they used this fantasy to trick the common person to redistribute the wealth in a way that would benefit the elite and create a modern form of serfdom.

The elite spent untold amounts of money funding socialism throughout the world, throughout the Twentieth Century. From Nazi Germany to Mao's China, governments and the private sector united in propping up and experimenting with various forms of socialism.

While public perception was that socialism was making the rich pay their fair share, they were in actuality either finding loopholes to make them immune, or passing the burden on to the common person without their knowledge. Meanwhile, the message of eat the rich was used to destroy the common mans ability to rise up and compete with the elite. This is why the middle class is disappearing . This is why the rich are growing richer, while the common household now has to have two incomes to survive. This is why small businesses are dying, while multinational corporations grow more powerful. And when the people realize something is not right? They send us more educated idiots, who demand more wealth distribution.

It's what I call Crony Marxism, and it's purpose is to undo the effects of the march of freedom with began in 1776, and turn us into surfs ruled by a handful of elites. People need to wake up and stop chopping off their own arm with these wealth distribution schemes.



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