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That picture to the left gave me a lot to think about...Donald Rumsfeld being groped by TSA people at Chicago's O'Hare Airport...WOW, I got to thinking how lucky those Americans are and how much safer they must feel seeing the 13th and 21st United States Secretary of Defense being felt up in the name of, well I don't really know in the name of what...Airport safety and security?


Yes this picture got me thinking that the socialist society we now live in is nobody's fault but our own. Here in Australia we have permitted a brazen socialist to become the Prime Minister and have also decided that The Greens should hold the balance of power in the senate. We are stupid. We get what we deserve...

A carbon dioxide tax which will destroy our economy and that's just for starters...

Here we have compulsory voting (believe it), the strictest gun control laws in the western world (thanks to our ex-conservative Prime Minister John Howard), out of control borders with so called refugees lobbing at a million miles an hour by boat, plane, what have you, THREE (count them) THREE levels of government, LOCAL, STATE & FEDERAL, all who regularly display their talented incompetence.

We have federal, state and local bi-laws that we must abide by, regulations up the wazoo that we must comply with, a soft Police Service (not allowed to call it a Police FORCE anymore) which instead of actually apprehending real criminals and dealing with them as they should, spends most of it's time revenue raising by setting up speed cameras, red light cameras, street cameras (which photograph decent citizens doing nothing other than going about their own business).

These cameras do very little to stop crime and very rarely contribute towards the apprehension of real criminals.

All these cameras do is for the most part erode decent people's right to privacy.

But I don't just complain, I offer solutions...

Instead of having cameras everywhere, instead of recording EVERY DECENT PERSON WHO WALKS THE STREET, go back to old school policing and actually fight fire with fire.

The police know who the crooks are, they should be targeting them and leaving the rest of us the hell alone.

The police know where the trouble spots are, they know which ethnic groups are spreading the scourge of gang violence, ROUND THEM UP AND SORT THEM OUT...


Get rid of at least one tier of government in Australia, either state or local, I don't really care which.

Kick all of those public servants out and force them to get jobs in the private sector which will mean they actually help in growing the economy.

In the end we get what we deserve.

One day I'd like to meet this so called silent majority who are supposed to be sick of it all.

Do they really exist or are they really just a bunch of lemmings looking for the nearest cliff?



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