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An interesting thing happens when I venture outside the conservative blogging bubble. I express what I see as tame reasonable opinions against an out of control government. Yet, I get a look which is usually reserved for alien visitors in sci-fi films. The other day, someone asked me: "Why are you so against the government?" The answer to that question could be a twenty volume book set. However, it all starts with my paycheck:

  • 15%- Federal income Tax
  • 6%- State income tax
  • 13%- Social Security
  • 9%- Medicare
*These are rounded to the percentage estimates.

None of those is to extreme, but when you add them together, it is 43% of my income gone before I even get paid. Being stationed in California, I have to pay a sales tax of 9.25% on everything I purchase. Let's add to that, the unnoticed high corporate taxes which are passed to the consumer. This pushes my total tax rate somewhere (depending how I spend my money) between 60-65%. Basically, I get to keep 35-40% of my income to do what I wish.

I'm living on a military base, which means I have few bills, but in about six months I'll be a civilian again and that will end. Let's say, I want to buy a house. A house will take a large portion of the money I have left and add a property tax. Social Security is not going to be much (if it exists) when I retire. If I want to ever retire I'm going to have to put away a large portion of the money I have left

Let's add another tax. The government purposefully inflating our currency making my savings worthless and the cost of living rise. This does not leave much to live on, let alone give to others in need.

As crazy as this all is, our government adds insult to injury by somehow running up over 14 trillion in dept and tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities. Now, I'm being told to pay for this dept, they need to raise taxes. They are also proposing carbon taxes to save the planet, which even if the planet is in peril, will not make any difference.

I'm one of the lucky few my age who have no debt and have a good amount money set aside for a rainy day. I'll get by, but I don't want to just get by. I want to have enough to live well and help others who don't. The government has placed a tax yolk around my neck which is more than any citizen should ever have to bear. Yet, when I want to see taxes and spending cut, I'm the extremist.



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