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Macroevolution & Microevolution
Academia and the media have sought to confuse these two types in the minds of the people. It is similar to the deceptive confusion many seek to create with illegal immigration by defining it and legal immigration as the same thing. The distinction between microevolution and macroevolution is just as significant.

This is evolution within a species. You can see examples of this unfolding before our eyes. A Toy Poodle is quite different from a Great Dane, yet they are still K-9. Their differences have come about from selective breeding over generations. No reasonable person disputes that such a thing is happening.

Darwin, was not the first to realize the realty of microevolution. Our most ancient ancestors were aware of such things. This is why from the earliest recorded times various domestic animals have been selectively bred. Genesis even supports the reality of microevolution (see Genesis 30:37-42).

What Darwin proposed and many have embraced, is something completely different.

This is the concept that one species can evolve into another. Reptiles over time become birds. This is something which is believed to occur over millions of years, so we (how convenient) cannot see it happen in recorded history. This is where the controversy and scientific problems occur.

Darwin believed that in time fossil evidence would emerge which would validate his macroevolution theory. We will get into the problems with the fossil record in the second part.



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