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One of the things that frustrate leftist and useful idiots who try and argue with me is that I'm not coming from the emotional position of reactionary fear. When I speak out against Marx, I'm coming from the position of someone who has actually read "The Communist Manifesto" and other writings of Marx and Engels. However, I still have much to learn and am far from being as dangerous to their cause as I wish to be.

The statist, fears informed opposition more than any other obstacle. This is why they brain wash people through the media and education. This is why they want to control the internet. When they come across someone who actually understands what is happening they get nervous.

Years ago, when I was a missionary, I felt very inadequate . I was a convert to the church of only three years. The other missionaries had grown up in the church and learned the gospel from an early age. I would wake up at 5 AM every morning and study on my own. When I left two years later I my understanding had grown beyond what I had hoped.

There are a lot of outstanding conservative bloggers, most of whom have much more knowledge and experience than I do. So, as I've done this, I've sought to make myself better. I've read, studied, and pondered as much as time would allow.

I think this is the key for myself and the whole resistance movement to succeed. We need to become dangerous. Not crazy I have a house full of explosives dangerous, but we need to make our minds into weapons. If you are concerned about Islam I recommend reading the Qur'an. If you are concerned about socialism, I recommend reading and understanding socialist writings.

Yes, we all need to be involved, but the involvement begins with ourselves. My plan is to memorize the Constitution this year. That sounds like an unrealistic goal, but I'm pretty good at memorization. What are you doing, or plan on doing, to become more dangerous?



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