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About two weeks ago, I said there was a reason the media was so fixated on Weiner. I expressed a belief that there was a larger story going on, which we were not seeing and Weiner was a distraction. I just was not sure what it was they did not want us to see. Now, I've figured it out; and it's much worse than I thought. It .was as bad as health care or financial reform

Obama signed his 86th executive order. This one established "The White House Rural Council." While the order is a bit vague, the language allows for drastic changes in the way the federal government is involved in rural life. The new council will involve every major agency of the federal government. Do a Google search on Agenda 21, this is basically the same thing.

Basically, the progressives who want to regulate and control every aspect of our lives, have come up with a new way to control the lives of rural people. These people, tend to hate us to begin with. We are all a bunch of ignorant hicks almost subhuman in their minds. Like the Amish or the Mongolians, they can't just leave us alone. They can't stand the fact that we have more freedoms than those in urban areas. Now, they are establishing a council to spread the the control. The days of our being able to do what we want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else are over.

No one even noticed until it was a done deal. Not the MSN, not the conservative media, not Alex Jones and the conspiracy folks. Our enemies are far more clever and dangerous than we give them credit for. It's time to start preparing for some very dangerous times.



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