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The past few weeks have been on and off (mostly off) for me as I've been transitioning from life in Africa. I'm in San Diego now, and will be for about six months. I've adjusted to the changes and will be posting regularly again. Since being back I've noticed a few things:

CNN is now full blown Marxist propaganda
Yes, Fox leans heavy to the right, but nowhere near as much as CNN leans left. They have always been to the left, but it's much worse than I remember. They went out of their way to do special segments designed specifically to trick the uninformed and gullible to thinking a certain way. The one which stood at the most to me, was their piece about gay marriage in New York. They in no way attempted to allow the possibility that some could disagree with such a change. Instead, they presented it as a great achievement for mankind comparable to the moon landing. There are several other things I noticed. Basically, CNN is no longer even close to being a news organization

California if crazy!
As an outsider I've always known California was a leftist playground, but seeing it on the ground is something completely different. There are a lot of little things that are already driving me crazy. I've noticed that the local radio station at the gym keeps playing public service announcements from the Mexican government to illegal immigrants. The other day I noticed how much things cost. A burger and fries here is about double what I payed in Utah three years ago. Then I looked over and saw a guy in an purple SCIU shirt and realized I was closer to Utah in Korea.

The History Channel
My roommate has had History on in the background all week. I have yet to see a single documentary and it took five days to notice a history show. I think they should start referring to themselves as the channel formerly known as history. They are about as much a history channel a I am the crown prince of Florida.

Global Warming strikes again
It's June in San Diego, but it feels like October in Utah. I've been here nine days and I don't think it has broke 80 degrees. Which feels great after Djibouti heat. However, I think we can stop with the carbon taxes. I wish environmentalists would focus on something important, such as: Why are bees dying off? It seems to me, that the immediate impact of the decline of the honey bee on our food supply, is a bit more pressing than the sea levels supposedly rising a couple feet over the next 100 years. Don't say it's because of climate change!



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