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For the past few months I've been focused on morality heavily. However, I've failed to address in detail what I believe to be a major source of the immoral influx. The evolutionary hypothesis taught as absolute fact, provides the framework for human beings to justify any type of behavior on the basis that we are nothing more than programed biological robots. This most abhorrent of all hypotheses, has provided the framework for atrocities ranging from the Holocaust to the over 50 million murdered under Mao's cultural revolution. It creates the framework for the philosophical invalidation of individual rights.

To deal with this subject in the comprehensive way it deserves, I'm going do a series of posts. My purpose is not to prove Western creationism or Eastern creation concepts. My purpose is simply to point out the flaws in the macro organic evolution hypothesis and make clear that man is far from understanding how life came to be.

Those who dare tackle this backwards thinking orthodoxy are mocked as ignoramuses incapable of intelligent thought. Sadly, I would get far less resistance if I were to question the existence of gravity. There is reason why this; to attack the concept of organic macro evolution is to attack the very foundations of cultural Marxism, and those in control don't like to have their thought control questioned. Never the less, I welcome those who wish to defend this backwards notion of macro evolution to leave a comment.



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