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You read the tittle correct. Have I lost my mind? Maybe. Is this another April fools joke? I only do those in April.

As we come closer to hitting the debt ceiling and our debt grows, the government is being forced into new ways of creating revenue. This is creating a new movement in Congress to have the government sale federal lands.

Those who have read my past posts, know that much of my Libertarian ideas stem from the Federal Government's disproportionate control of the land in my home state of Utah. The BLM and Forest Service have done a poor job managing the lands, and have significantly restricted people from doing things our families have been doing for generations.

Now, with our debt and entitlements growing, the government is being forced to liquidate assets to remain functional. If this is the result of not raising the debt ceiling, I hope it never happens. Whether or not this movement creates a substantial sale of land from the feds to the states, communities, and private citizens, remains to be seen. I will be watching closely.

What a joy it would be, to see our about 60% federally controlled land cut in half. If the government does put the land up for sale, it would be worth having state and local governments go into debt for it. Yes, I just advocated debt, some things are worth it.

The freedom of being able to control our own land, is worth more than debt which may force state and local programs to reduce their influence. Indeed, the end result may be allowing people to run their own lives. Can you imagine?



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