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The media propaganda machine, has created the myth that globalization and free trade is the same thing, or, that they go together hand in hand. What the globalists present to us as free trade is anything but free trade. It is a calculated corporate globalist trade system, designed to end small business and destroy the free markets of the world.

Opening up the world markets to unrestricted free trade is a great idea, but this is not what is happening. How many small businesses do you know which have a store in America and one in India? How many large corporations do you know that have such a set up? There is a reason for this; the current international system is set up to favor large institutions. I can assure you this is not an unattended consequence or the free market, it is a deliberate manipulation, designed to take capital and power out of the hands of the many and place it in the hands of the few.

Let's say you want to build and sell computers:
If you are in America, laws such as environmental restrictions make it impossible for a small business owner to make many of the required parts. They have to buy the parts from a corporation, which made the parts in another country. Because of the cost of shipping and customs inspections a small business owner has to pay much for a product not ordered in bulk. A corporation on the other hand, can purchase the same product at a fraction of the coast. Also, if you wish to expand your business you will have untold amounts of taxes and labor restrictions placed on you such as mandatory heath care.

If you are in a country like the Thailand you do not have to worry about environmental or labor restrictions. However, as a small business owner you cannot afford to hire the legal help you will need to ship your product to markets in developed nations. If somehow you can afford such a thing to whom would you sell your product? Retailers are not going to sell Chang's computers, but they will sell the Dells that are made in Thailand.

We have reached the point where no small business can expect to build any complex popular product and be competitive without the help of an international corporation. It is also next to impossible for a small business to compete with a corporate supply chain.

Many will say this is the free market at work. Is it? Who makes the laws which create such conditions? Political leaders (whether they be dictators or elected officials) are being bribed by large corporations to set up laws which restrict local business. Look at what the EPA and FDA are doing to small farmers.

Once local business has been destroyed, the large corporations have less competition and can afford to charge more and hire for less, thus increasing their profit and ability to purchase influence, which is often used to crush any outside innovation. Thus the state and corporations combine into a monstrous tyranny which impedes human development. One ring to rule them all.

What is the solution?
Tax the corporations? This is the false solution many on the left are promoting, but this also benefits the international corporations. The corporations would not be hurt by such taxes. They would pass the costs on to the consumer, including small businesses. This would create a rise in the cost of living which drives inflation. Inflation also benefits multinational corporation’s profit margins diminishing actual labor costs, as they did in Indonesia. The answer is to create actual free trade. Let’s get the governments out of the business of placing restrictions on small business.

Let's create a level playing field where innovation is allowed to flourish. Doing so would issue in an unparalleled era of prosperity for all mankind. Technology and inventions would explode creating a better future. Most of all it allow every person the ability to succeed or fail. We used to call this the American dream.

It's only going to happen when we start electing leaders who are not bought off by those who benefit from globalization. Look at the 2012 candidates and find out who has ties to central banks and multinational corporations. Believe it or not, it's the most important thing you can know about a candidate. They can tell you anything you want to hear on the issues, but it's the money trail that matters.

Most importantly, stop thinking you are saving money when you buy from multinational corporations instead of small businesses. If you look at the overall cost, especially to future generations, it is costing you far more than you are saving.



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