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Much of the problems of our world have come about from the decline in birth rates among developed nations. Many globalists continue to push the lie that the world is overpopulating. Thirty years ago they said we would be facing massive starvation worldwide in less than a decade. That never happened. Since that time they have been creating policy after policy targeted at impoverishing and starving poor nations. Despite these policies, and the high birthrates in poor nations famines have been localized.

The myth that overpopulation is destroying the world needs to be challenged. Our world could handle a much greater population at this very moment. People in cities tend to believe the overpopulation lie; because where they are it is crowed and polluted. For every large city there are much greater amounts of habitable land which is not being used. If you think we are running out of room, I recommend moving out of the city. As technology has advanced so has our ability to feed larger populations. I am concerned about urbanization, but we will never need to worry about overpopulation.

Globalist thinkers are so concerned about this supposed danger that they have taken drastic action to reduce birthrates. Here is part of what they have been doing:

Many argue the point that abortion is about woman's choice. I find it strange that the same people that want to micromanage every aspect of our lives fight so hard for choice on this issue. That's because it's not really about choice, it's about population control. Let's look at the numbers:
  • 33% of American women under age 45 will have an abortion
  • Russia has over four abortions for every live birth
  • China's yearly abortion totals eclipse the Holocaust
  • word wide yearly- 46 Million

Most of us look at the Holocaust and wonder how the German people could stand by and let it happen. Are we not doing the same? This is mass murder on a scale that eclipses anything dreamed of by Hitler.

Am I the only one that has noticed that to criticize of the gay agenda is now worse than racism? A rap star can spit out the foulest racially offensive filth you have ever heard and it is okay, but if he says something about gays he will need to go on an apology tour. The same is true in pro sports, Kobe Bryant received a 100,000 fine for a gay slur, yet I've seen owners and players drop the N-bomb on national TV without even a slap on the wrist.

We see homosexuality shoved down our face on almost every major TV program. Figures vary, but most agree that homosexuals represent less than seven percent of the population, but the media portrays homosexuality as the norm. Why so much push to promote homosexuality? Like abortion, it's tied to reducing birth rates. Two guys can't make a baby; the same is obviously true of women. The more people they can get to lead a homosexual life style the more birthrates will fall.

Most globalists dream of a worldwide state without nations. The problem is people tend to be loyal to their own nation. They are doing this to bring about the destruction of nations and cultures. No economic model can sustain long term declining birth rates.

I’m very libertarian. I’m opposed to the federal government regulating behavior. I reject alcohol and drugs in my own life, but am opposed to forcing others to do the same. However, on these two issues I part ways with many libertarians, because I understand what is behind it; and I know the end result of this wickedness. At risk is everything that we hold dear.



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